Why You Can't Have Drop in LED Panels

pcb wrx Aug 13, 2020

It's pretty much an everyday scenario...

Dude watches a YouTube video, or see a post on Instagram, and likes the custom lights that he's seen. Not realizing what has gone into that build, he hits me up:

"How Much?"

My first thoughts are typically snarky, and equally vague and unhelpful. 

After I finish writing and deleting those, I ask the guy which post or video he's asking about, as well as what car he's wanting a project for.

9 time out of 10, the guy doesn't own the same car as the one in the video, which means the parts that were used are simply not available for him.

Matter of fact... they never will be. 

Here's a video explaining why that is. 

Comment here on the blog if you got anything valuable out of this video.

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