Do Shows and Exposure really matter?

I think it all boils down to people. Some people will present you with an opportunity.

Other people will invite you into something awesome, which propels everyone in the group forward!

I’ve done SEMA builds that cut into my family time, had me working late at night, and never even made it to the show.

Then there are times like what’s in todays video.

I was sent a really cool part for some 240Z tails last year, and to be honest I was kinda blown off by the owner of the car they were intended for.

Fast forward to last week, when I got a message last minute to come in on another project just before SEMA this year, and the end result came out SUPER DOPE!

I really enjoyed hanging out for a bit with the boys at Zociety.

The 280z was really cool to work on, and may actually be the oldest set of lights I've modified. Definitely the oldest Sequential LED Tails so far!

I was also told about another awesome project last year, and out of the blue I was offered THE PERFECT parts for it a couple weeks back. Check these out:

Ed made some amazing parts, and not only did I get to install them, but I also created a ton of content for my Headlights 101 class, but also for Headlights 201 where I dive into mounting all the custom parts.

The lesson I've learned, is that with the right people in your corner, you'll have more work coming your way than you can handle (I've DEFINITELY experienced this).

At the same time, I've also learned that some opportunities leave you tired, unpaid, and feeling used, ultimately just for the benefit of someone else.

Learning the difference between those two might only come from first hand experience, but i hope that by showing you what my journey has looked like, you'll be able to spot the good things from the bad.

Massive shoutout to the following gentlemen:

Follow Oscars profile just for this 280Z
Cody for his super dope pics of the Z

All things Zs

Check out Paul Garcias crazy R34

and Ryan's insane photography

Will and Concept3

& Indy

And of course my guy Ed with his Mad Scientist skills:



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