Change 12 volt Power to Ground with a Relay

relay Nov 19, 2021

If you've ever installed any aftermarket alarm system, or door locks, or hood pop sensors, etc. you will inevitably come across a part that only works when given a ground connection.

It makes sense to me, that if I know I have to run a wire all the way from the back of the car, up to the front so that it can connect to the battery under the hood, that its arguably safer to do that with a ground wire.

Normally if a ground wire gets pinched or cut into on accident, there's no sparks, no voltage zapping things, and no popping of fuses.

Do the same thing though with a live 12v wire, and you'll have to deal with blown fuses, melted wires, sparks, and ultimately stuff just not working.

So todays video just breaks down one of the ways to use our little 5 legged friend, the Relay, do use ground to power up a very specific use case: Ghozt Lighting Sequencer powered Tail Lights.

I'm actually super pumped about building lights that have extra functions built in by using things like relays. For example, doing most tail lights, the builder would sacrifice 1 of the 2 awesome show mode functions of the Ghozt V5 Sequencer, in trade for that input being used to trigger the reverse LEDs.

Well I like to have my cake and eat it too!

That's why I started using this technique to swap power to ground, and lighting up LEDs using the existing circuit originally intended for that very thing, so I can play with Show mode 1, AND Show mode 2 on my Ghozt Sequencer :)

Join Sequential Squad FREE before the December Live Streams start, learn to program LEDs to do awesome show modes, turns signals, parking lights, and shoot lasers (maybe)?

Let me know how you would use this relay setup, and definitely check out my other video on relays if you want to really stretch your brain and get creative with me on my last video about them :)

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