Should you ever use LED or HIDs in Reflector Headlights?

gtr hid r34 xenon Oct 18, 2021

Very common advice inside the lighting community is to never use a High Intensity Discharge bulb (HID aka Xenon) with a standard halogen reflector headlight. 

This is mainly due to the design of the reflector, and the output of the bulb it was originally designed for. 

Reflectors and Projectors typically have a way different looking cut off line. 

(The image above shows the LED Projectors from a 2017 GTR)

This is why most times people just open up the headlights to perform a projector retrofit. 

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While the Projector can have a razor sharp edge to the light pumping out onto the road, a Reflector generally has less defined almost "fuzzy" edge.

In the late 90s, as Xenon technology was become more and more common place, the use of reflectors designed for High Intensity Discharge bulbs happened more than you'd think.

(In comparison to the LED projectors, the R34 GTR Headlights have a fuzzy cut off line from the Xenon Reflectors)

In this video we changed the original D1R bulbs out for the unshielded D2S bulbs, in both Xenon and LED forms. 

What cars or trucks do you know of that use reflectors with Xenon Bulbs?

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