Cheap HID Bulbs Versus Expensive

hid Oct 09, 2021

I don't actually do a ton of HID installs anymore, and haven't for the past few years.

Back when I did, I often times used the lower budget, easier to fit projectors, with H1 size basic HID kits. I literally never tested the output on those EVER! I didn't have the cute little meter I have now, lol.

I'm now looking back and revisiting areas of custom lighting that I personally didn't have a bunch of time invested into, and I'm documenting what I find.

Yesterday I put out a video that really kinda blew my mind when I was making it.


Sorry for yelling.

Long story short, I think its worth watching if you have Xenon headlights, or have ever had any interest in HIDs. 

I'm super curious what conclusion you come to.

Fair warning, I personally had no clue what to the think by the time we finished the bonus section that I had to make for the video (cause I kinda screwed up).

Rate these for me in the order that YOU would buy (1 is best, 4 is worst):

- Amazon Bulbs
- Osram CBI
- Osram 66240 
- Philips 85122 

Here's the video, hope you enjoy it:

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