People ask me that question about Custom Lights just about every single day. So I put this together for you. It’s my FREE GUIDE:

5 Keys to Getting Custom Lights
(Built the Right Way).

The Mission             

To Create the League of Lightsmen

"Try Not To Become a Man of Success But Rather Try To Become a Man of Value" - Albert Einstein

Today, standing out is becoming increasingly harder and harder, while "success" is being shoved in the face of the everyday man. Kids want to create Uber and Facebook so they can drive a Lambo, but they don't know how to work with their hands. Craftsmen don't automatically make more money, yet the cost of a gallon of milk, or a loaf of bread keeps going up.


Specialized Craftsmen are the future!

Who's going to build, and fix, and innovate in a world where we have squashed the guy who turns wrenches? You can't just buy "Custom" with next day delivery on Amazon, and most people won't DIY, being too busy doing what they hate just to pay the bills.

There's a better way for us. We can make the choice to seek out fulfillment in our work, even if it's not the highest paying job, and make a side hustle income doing something we LOVE, to fill the gap.

We believe in Creativity, Ingenuity, and Community. Figuring something out yourself once, can feel pretty good, but sharing that info amongst your friends, peers, and customers, feels magical. Not only that, it labels you as a person of value to others. 

We welcome you to Lightsmen Academy - Private Education for Valuable Craftsmen

Lightsmen Academy

Private Education for Valuable Craftsmen


Have you ever Built Custom Lights Yourself?

Use this free guide to see behind the scenes of a Custom Automotive Lighting business (Especially if you've ever wondered about building for others).

Do you have more Time than Money?

Whether you have the time or the money, you'll benefit from knowing what everything costs, and what that money is paying for.

How are YOUR Specific Lights Sealed?

Should you even be messing with your lights? Should anyone? Find out how big of a job it will be to even START building your lights.

There are tons of cool looking projects out there that you might really want yourself, but you don't know:

  • Where to start,
  • Who to work with, or
  • What questions to ask.

In this short guide, I'm going to give you the 5 keys you need to know, to end up with a unique set of custom lights, that TURN HEADS everywhere people see them.


"How much would you charge for MKIV Supra Headlights? I was gonna recommend the owner to hit you up. He loves how mine came out. You do amazing work!"

Javi Ramirez
2014 Nissan GTR black edition

Enjoy my free gift to you, and get ready for even more helpful tips in the future.

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